Below is a sample of the project types we have completed. In many instances, The Antero Group was instrumental in project funding and concepts, much of which was done as part of our on-going commitment to partner with communities serious about the future.


Asphalt Plant Facility, LaPorte, IN

The Antero Group was contracted to develop a 28.5-acre site into a regional asphalt production facility in Northern Indiana. The facility is in an unincorporated area with no utilities on site, and no apparent stormwater discharge point. These challenges were met with the design of an on-site water well, septic tank, and stormwater management system. The stormwater management had to allow for 100% on-site storage. This was complicated by the site’s dramatic topography and expedited construction schedule. Working closely with the owner and county officials, we completed this project and obtained permits within two months of project award.


Northeast Site Regional Detention, Blue Island, IL

Antero Group employees worked with the City of Blue Island to design development strategies on an 80-acre vacant former landfill. A Master Stormwater Management Plan was developed that accommodated a full buildout of the entire former landfill. The development is envisioned as an industrial park that encourages regional detention basins and green infrastructure. In Summer 2016, Antero worked with the city and the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association to successfully secure grant funding to build stormwater management on site. This first phase of improvements allows for 14 acres of Light Industrial Development to be accommodated by the proposed infiltration basin and bioswales. Five acres of green infrastructure has also been installed to help offset stormwater management demands for the first phases of this future development.


Navajo Nation Chinle Chapter Master Plan, Chinle, AZ

The Antero Group partnered with the Navajo Nation’s Chinle District Chapter in Chinle, AZ to create an Economic Development Vision that targets increased regional retail and tourism amenities. Chinle’s primary transportation corridors are adjacent to the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, which has nearly one million annual visitors. However, the town has limited amenities to offer tourists, preventing it from fully benefiting from its proximity to the monument. Working closely with the Chapter and the Navajo Nation’s Economic Development and Tourism groups, we developed a plan and implementation strategy that incorporated significant community input. Today, Chinle has begun to implement the Plan by creating a Vendor Village, Farmers’ Market, and trail system. This strategy anticipates additional annual revenues of two to three times current revenue levels.


Whitewright Area-Wide Brownfields Plan, Whitewright, TX

The Antero Group has been working with Whitewright, Texas to enhance its downtown and address several vacant brownfields sites adjacent to the historic core of the community. While crafting a Vision for the community, the Antero Group and the Texoma Council of Governments wrote and were awarded $200,000 USEPA Area-Wide Brownfields Grant on behalf of the community. This highly competitive grant”(only 20 are awarded nationally each year) allowed the city to develop a strategy for redevelopment of four key parcels, while also analyzing the community’s wants and needs. The results of this effort included several new businesses, and $60,000 in additional grant funding from the state of Texas.

Prairie Park, Riverdale, IL

On behalf of a private developer, the Antero Group completed a concept design for a 400-acre rail-served industrial park in Riverdale, IL. This project seeks to integrate sustainable stormwater strategies that mitigate current flooding into adjacent neighborhoods, while creating a massive job-generating project for this Chicagoland community. Incorporating major rail infrastructure and a flexible plan for future users, Antero Group illustrated the site’s potential as a significant regional rail-served hub for industry and logistics.