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Below is a snapshot of specific services we offer:

Municipal Engineering

The Antero Group offers streamlined engineering and urban planning. We can act as a resource for technical review, infrastructure design, zoning, and capital improvement planning.

Site Development

Whether a residential subdivision or a rail-served industrial facility, Antero has the knowledge to take site development from survey to construction. Our engineers handle grading, utilities, geometry, environmental issues, and paving by working directly with the developer to ensure project objectives are achieved.


Antero has worked on roadway projects throughout the U.S. Our engineers understand the careful planning and detail required for these types of projects, including: horizontal and vertical alignments, profiles, super elevation, and drainage.


We specialize in forecasting housing needs. Today’s communities must anticipate increasing diversity, rising costs, and changing preferences among demographic groups. We help identify those needs through data and help communities formulate strategies to fill them. We also understand emerging HUD requirements to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing.


Antero understands that off-street parking requirements add to project cost and takes away land better suited for other uses. We can help you set the “right size” and communicate your parking levels to residents and elected officials.

Data Analysis

At Antero, we’re data wizards. We understand how to manipulate and message with large datasets to help our clients understand their needs in housing, transportation, and economic development. We can help you quantify strengths and weaknesses in your long term growth and address them through planning and policy strategies.


Our team of planners has assisted local and regional leaders and national developers to realize a variety of project types. We are a constant resource for facilitating public meeting meetings, creating master planning documents, and implementing the goals of our clients.


Antero successfully navigates through the permitting process for most any project type. With several staff members who have worked for governmental agencies, we have insight into the time-frames and objectives of various regulatory programs.


Today, there is a heightened awareness of water quality and environmental impacts resulting from land development projects and past urban development patterns. At Antero Group, we strive to incorporate green strategies in order to decrease maintenance and development costs related to these impacts because we believe smarter strategies increase quality of life.

Project Management

Resource constrained? The Antero Group can offer project management services that move your project through initial funding demands and onto construction. We have internal resources that can manage budgeting, bids, construction, and design services.

Grant Writing

Antero Group team members have collectively awarded our clients millions in federal, state, and foundation grants. Our grant writing support is often the catalyst needed for a project to become reality. We’re experts in targeting achievable grant opportunities and leveraging as much funding as possible for our clients.

Budget Management

Budgets are tight everywhere. As a response, the Antero Group has worked with both public and private sector clients to uncover hidden budget opportunities by thoroughly reviewing and managing short and long-term infrastructure and development costs. This includes TIF, abatements, and other resources.