About Antero Group

Antero Group is a holistic civil engineering, urban planning, and strategic consulting firm with offices in Chicago, South Bend, Denver, and Dallas-Fort Worth. We leverage interdisciplinary teams, creative thinking, and collaborative processes to design innovative and effective solutions. Our team believes that authentic, long-term partnerships are the best way to deliver projects that create lasting value.

Vision + Mission

We envision a world where sustainability, resilience, and equity is business as usual. Our mission is to help our clients thrive by designing projects, policies, and programs that transform the built environment.

Antero Group is more than just a consulting firm. Founded in the wake of the Great Recession, the firm recognizes that while resources in both public and private sectors continue to be stretched, it is important that your consulting needs are as consolidated and efficient as possible. With this in mind, we formed Antero Group to function as a project partner that anticipates our clients’ needs, working with them to create plans, designs, and identify funding sources that solve problems and transform ideas into reality.

Civil Engineering

Site Development
Construction Engineering and Management
Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Logistics Engineering
Stormwater Management
Regulatory and Compliance Services
Permitting and Cost Estimating

Planning + Design

Land Use & Zoning
Comprehensive Planning
GIS Analysis and Visualization
Complete Streets and Active Transportation
Green Infrastructure Planning
Hazard Mitigation and Resilience Planning
Community Outreach and Education
Smart and Connected Communities

Strategic Consulting

Grant Writing
Owner Representative Services
Economic and Workforce Analysis
Government Advisory Services
Project Funding Strategies
Project Management
Stakeholder Outreach and Facilitation

Branding + Marketing

Marketing Strategies
Branding and Visual Identity
Website Development & Design


  • Responsiveness

    Antero Group’s commitment is to respond with information, requests, and analysis as quickly as possible. We recognize decisions depend on quality information, presented in a timely manner. Responding to client queries within 24 hours is part of who we are.

  • Sustainability

    Antero Group is committed to sustainable approaches in its many forms. This means our projects are reviewed to maximize their lifespan, while minimizing costs and impact to the environment.

  • Value

    Antero Group seeks to add value to our clients by seeking resources, partnerships, and ideas that help to advance their initiatives. We regularly connect clients to grants, communities, developers, and local, state, and federal partners that expedite projects and transform ideas into realities.

  • Equity

    Antero Group believes in equitable practices both within and without. The built environment can and should be a vehicle for shared prosperity. Our philanthropic efforts support communities in need, while our internal practices aim to create a diverse and open work environment.

  • Pragmatic

    Antero Group leverages tools and resources that are cost-effective, advanced, and useful. We recognize projects must be both exciting and practical. As such, we seek to advance our clients’ initiatives by recognizing capacities, context, and community to determine how best to advance a pragmatic solution to a problem or opportunity.

  • Collaboration

    Antero Group believes that trust and effective collaboration is key to the success of any project. We are a resource for questions, ideas, and support whatever the project or need. Our goal is to blur the line between consultant and client, creating a partnership that is project- and mission-driven for everyone involved.