Cal Sag Enterprise Zone Modification

Cal Sag Region, IL


In 2019, the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) engaged Antero Group about compiling and coordinating an application to add territory to the existing Cal Sag Enterprise Zone. Four of the seventeen communities within the zone proposed to add territory to incentivize and promote economic development throughout the zone. Antero coordinated public meetings with the 17 communities included in the Enterprise Zone. Data analysis of the economic impacts of the Enterprise Zone was conducted to meet state regulations. The application, including the ordinances and intergovernmental agreements for all seventeen communities within the zone, was submitted to the State of Illinois for final approval of the Enterprise Zone modification.

  • Client

    Plum Creek Supportive Care

  • Scope of Services

    • Enterprise Zone Modification
    • Ordinance Amendment
    • Facilitation of Public Meetings
    • GIS Analysis
    • Data Collection
    • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Additional territory added to the Cal Sag Enterprise Zone.
  • Updates to all 17 communities’ current ordinances and agreements.
  • An opportunity to generate economic development activity within the zone.

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