Navajo Nation Economic Development

Chinle, AZ


The Chinle Chapter sits at the mouth of Canyon de Chelly National Monument, one of the most historic and important canyons in North America. Often called “The heart of the Navajo Nation,” Chinle is located between multiple tourist destinations and is a hub of tourist activity.

Antero Group was engaged by the Tourism Department, under the Division of Economic Development, to develop and plan to enhance economic activity along Chinle’s two primary corridors.

The result is a community-driven plan that prioritizes the needs and opportunities available to the Chinle Chapter for implementation. The plan completed by Antero Group outlines a series of concise activities to be undertaken.

  • Completed an economic development plan that gives the Chinle Chapter and Navajo Nation an actionable data-driven list of opportunities
  • Initiated an historic Joint Management Plan between the Navajo Nation, Chapter, and National Park Service to address shared resources in and around Canyon de Chelly
  • Obtained $500,000 in planning and design grants to implement a Vendor Village development, the highest priority activity outlined within the plan

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