Grant Writing

Antero Group


One of the services offered through Antero Group’s Strategic Consulting Service line is grant writing. Since its founding in 2015, Antero Group has helped secure millions of dollars in funding for our clients. Our interdisciplinary team possesses research and grant-writing tools and templates of a wide variety of local, federal, and foundational grant programs.

  • Scope of Services

    • Illinois Green Infrastructure
    • U.S EDA Rural Broadband
    • U.S EDA Public Works
    • USDA Economic Development Assistance
    • USDA Rural Business Development
    • TXDOT Surface Transportation
    • U.S EPA Brownfield
    • Chi-Cal Rivers Fund
    • CMAP Local Technical Assistance
    • Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
Select Projects
  • Blue Island Green Infrastructure (2018)

    City of Blue Island | Blue Island, IL

  • Whitewright Downtown Redevelopment (2017)

    City of Whitewright | Whitewright, TX

  • Economic Development Plan (2017)

    Chinle Chapter Government | Chinle, AZ

  • Midlothian Green Infrastructure (2017)

    Village of Midlothian | Midlothian, IL

  • St. Joseph County Rural Broadband (2019)

    St. Joseph County, Office of Economic Development | South Bend, IN

  • Calumet Park Ashland TOD

    Village of Calumet Park | Calumet Park, IL

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