Sherman Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Sherman, TX


Prior to the purchase of a former agricultural property, Bertakis Development Inc. contracted Antero Group to perform environmental site assessment services in the interest of identifying potential hazards that may need to be addressed prior to redevelopment. The site, over 70 acres adjacent to U.S. Highway 75, lends itself to a range of redevelopment possibilities. As such, it was critical to investigate any potential hazards which may impact the type of development and the necessary action to safely implement the project. This project culminated in a Phase I ESA report that identified any Recognized Environmental Conditions which may need to be further investigated or addressed prior to development.

  • Scope of Services

    • Engineering Services
    • Environmental Investigations
    • Project Management
    • Records Review
    • Interviews
    • FOIA Submission
  • Identification of any Recognized Environmental Conditions
  • Comprehensive report of current environmental conditions at the property
  • Inventory of all findings and de minimis conditions for consideration
  • Progress towards CERCLA Innocent Landowner Protection

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